Stop Your “Wine-ing”

So you are a self-proclaimed "wine snob".  That's great with us at The Grandview.  We are wine snobs too. Urbandictonary.com defines a "wine-o" as an individual who enjoys drinking wine more than most.  This would be the person you [...]

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Edible Gold… Yummy.

      Looking for a show stopper for your wedding?  Golden accents will be showing up in the most amazing places, and most deliciously, in your dessert. Metallic butter cream will be big in 2015.  Most guests don't [...]

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When Will the Sun Go Down?

  What a wonderful thing to think about when planning a special event, especially your Hudson Valley wedding.  When is sunset?  How will that affect my day? There are great websites out there like www.timeanddate.com that will give you the precise time [...]

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