So you are a self-proclaimed “wine snob”.  That’s great with us at The Grandview.  We are wine snobs too. defines a “wine-o” as an individual who enjoys drinking wine more than most.  This would be the person you ask… “what kind of wine goes best with lamb shanks and sweet peas?”

Regardless of pricing and the frequency of your wine consumption, you know what you like, and wine is certainly a matter of taste.  For those of you with a more discerning palette, your voices have been heard at The Grandview.  Our Premium Wine Packages were launched this October to rave reviews.  Some of you may have sampled selections at our Wedding Show this past Fall.  Some of you sampled all of the wines; you know who you are.

At any point in your planning process, you are now able to upgrade the house wines to a red and white of your choice, from our package options.  We covered some amazing regions like Italy, New Zealand, California, France, Argentina, and Australia. From fruity to floral, boysenberry to hazelnuts, you’ll get the hint.

When it comes time to pick your menu, talk to us about wine options.