A wedding is expensive, and together as a couple, you will determine what is most (and least) important to you.  After developing a budget, perhaps on the back of a napkin or in your wedding excel sheet, you’ll allot a dollar amount to each area/item you need to spend money on.  Of course, at The Grandview, we think your venue choice is a big and important decision, but there are other areas that splurging on will make a difference in your day.  I meet over 500 wedding couples a year (not counting those who are having their wedding at The Grandview), and talk openly about their engagement, wedding planning and post-wedding experiences.  They always have wonderful input on spending.  Here’s a little of what they encourage spending on.

picking a ring

1.  Your Wedding Ring– Okay, so many of you did not pick out your engagement ring, or didn’t have that conversation about what you wanted your ring to look like before you got engaged.  But if you are reading this before you are engaged, this is my advice:  If you know you are headed down the path to marriage, be vocal about what you like, and be specific.  Don’t consider yourself a nag or taking the surprise out of the experience.  You will wear this ring, a symbol of your marriage, for the rest of your life.  Don’t you want to LOVE it?  Picking your wedding bands out together is a bonding experience too.  Treat yourself.

man haircut

2. Your Hair– Think about that perfect hair day.  The one you look at in photos and say, “Wow, I loved that haircut.”  Don’t you want to think that about your wedding photos.  Three words for you: DO A TRIAL!  For men, get a haircut two months before the wedding, with the barber/hair stylist that will do your wedding haircut.  For women, bring in photos to your stylist from Pinterest or bridal magazines, and then take pictures of your trial.  Be vocal at your trial.  Too poofy?  Too curly?  Doesn’t feel like you can dance all night and your updo will hold?  This is the moment to talk about it, and fix it.  And if you still don’t feel good about it, do another trial.  It is worth the splurge.


3.  Your Make-up–  Seriously, it is your face.  And it sets the tone for the entire day.  Jennifer for JRS Makeup says, “I know first hand how it feels to want to look your best and feel beautiful on your wedding day.  I know the feeling of wanting perfection, trying to decide what look is right for you, and hoping on that day that everything you pictured comes to life.  I can assure you, that when you begin your day with a Makeup Artist that can see your vision, the beauty of the day before you begins with that moment.”  Bridal looks vary.  The idea in your head might be hard to articulate, so photos are great guidelines for your Make-up Artist. (See above photo of my wedding day.  Not the look of happiness when the mirror was turned to me.  Hind sight is 20/20.)


4. Capturing Your Memories– Whether you choose a photographer, videographer, photo booth, sketch artist, video diary… whatever your medium of saving the memories… get it.  A photographer should speak to you.  When you look at photos, and you can feel the emotion behind the moment of someone you don’t even know, well that’s the photographer for you.  I picked Lori O’Toole Images because any wedding pictures that I ever saw of hers, put me in that moment, and that’s what I wanted to feel when I looked at my own photos.  A recent couple of mine found out right after their wedding that her dad was sick.  She said, “Thank God I have my wedding video.”  For any and all reasons, capture your day in a way that you feel is important.  Side note: Love your photographer.  Find someone who will make you feel great, and compliments your style.  There is nothing worse than photographer who is yelling at your family.


5. The Honeymoon–  Picture it, the year is 2030.  You have a mortgage, a family, car payments, hopefully a growing 401K.  Life is happening.  In in those private moments with your spouse, you giggle as you fantasize about many years before, when you were younger and newly marriage, smooching on your honeymoon, celebrating the bliss of your new life together.  There is a feeling that is very specific to right after your wedding.  Celebrate that and go somewhere that in 5 years, just might not be do-able.  Get dressed up together, if you like feeling fancy.  Go on an awesome hike with a private guide, if you are an adventure seeker.  Get a couples massage on an exotic beach if that strikes your fancy.  This time will never happen again.  Take advantage of it.