I just had a wonderfully insightful conversation with Reverend Louis Zeppone of Hudson Valley Officiants, and thought it would help couples searching for their own ceremony officiant.

“There are certain things that a wedding couple should make sure they are doing before they book.  Foremost, they should make sure that person is right for the two of them.  They both need to have confidence in their officiant that they can compose a ceremony reflective of them both.  Make sure that it is not a set format.  You want options to make it personal.  Also have the option to review the ceremony before your wedding day.  Whether it is a Rabbi, father, Minister, Reverend… make sure they are able to perform a legal ceremony in your County.”

A ceremony reflective of you both.  So simple and yet has the ability of really making your ceremony stand a part.  We see a lot of ceremonies here at The Grandview.  Some emotional, some funny, some personal and heartfelt, and some real tearjerkers.  Let your ceremony be the kick off to an amazing experience for you and your guests.  It’s about you and your marriage.  (Sound the trumpets!)