The Grand Ballroom

The grand ballroom at The Grandview in Poughkeepsie exudes timeless elegance with its opulent chandeliers, soaring ceilings, and lavish decor. Bathed in soft, romantic lighting, it sets the perfect stage for exquisite events and unforgettable gatherings.

The Outdoor Ballroom

The Outdoor Ballroom at The Grandview in Poughkeepsie is a magical waterfront setting, offering breathtaking views of the Hudson River and surrounding natural beauty. This space is the epitome of elegance for unforgettable gatherings.

The Wedding Cottage

The wedding cottage at The Grandview is a charming and intimate haven nestled within the picturesque estate. This quaint cottage offers a private and tranquil space for wedding parties to prepare for their special day, adorned with elegant furnishings and ample natural light.