When Will the Sun Go Down?

  What a wonderful thing to think about when planning a special event, especially your Hudson Valley wedding.  When is sunset?  How will that affect my day? There are great websites out there like www.timeanddate.com that will give you the precise time [...]

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First We Have to Create The Mood

You can create a unique and special ballroom look; both in the Grand and Outdoor Ballroom with the help of your favorite lighting designers.  These looks, created by Hourglass Lighting, transform the space, to exactly the theme of the event.  The [...]

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Nails? Nails. Nails!

    The Attention Getter. The Romantic. The Practical Partier. The Risk Taker. Your polish choice on your wedding day can say a lot about the look you are going for on this special occasion.  Grandview brides show off so many different [...]

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Leave the Wedding Couple Alone.

Raise your hand if you have done a wedding floor plan? Now, raise your hand if you had difficulty putting family arrangements together? Exactly. If you have worked on this challenging feat, you understand wedding politics. I wish it was just [...]

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Best Party Ever!

But I can’t afford to go on the Bachelor/Bachelorette Party? Have no fear, your Grandview helper is here. With today’s rising costs of, well let’s say everything, it is becoming harder and harder to plan those expensive weekend excursions to Vegas [...]

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Boogie Down or Sit This One Out?

"I just wanna dance." Cue the theme from Footloose! Wedding footwear should be thought about pre-wedding. Yes, you adore those crystal encrusted Jimmy Choos, but can you do the pony in them? Reception dancing shoes can be a life [...]

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