You’re going through the mail and you see that meticulously crafted address on the genuine Egyptian papyrus envelope and you know….exactly what it is. You’re invited to the wedding of the year! That’s just great, considering your boyfriend broke up with you two weeks ago. Immediately a barrage of thoughts start running through your head…

Will people judge me? Are all of my married friends going to talk about me? How am I going to hide the three gallons of Edy’s Red Velvet Ice cream I ate last night? Do I have to explain my break up every five minutes? The answer is NO.  You will SURVIVE!

Step One…Be the best Possible YOU!

Make yourself look amazing.


Splurge on that new outfit you ex thought was too expensive.  If you are unsure of what to buy…ask a sales associate.  Most major department stores have personal shoppers.  Do not be afraid to ask for help.  You should not wait till the last minute to find that stunning little black dress or perfectly tailored suit.

Try a new hairstyle. (Tip: Do not schedule the appointment for the day before the wedding, you may not like it. Time will allow you to adjust)

Don’t. And I repeat don’t try self-tanning lotion the day of or the day before a wedding. You will be orange.  Seek professional spray tan help.

When you feel your best, you will exude your best energy; and people may just flock to you!

Step Two…Bring a friend.


Nothing can help you through this rough patch like a good friend.  Pick a friend that not many guests will know.  Your friend then has one sole purpose: to be your wedding guest.  Don’t choose a shy friend. Pick a party pal that knows how to handle their drink. Try to choose a single friend. A friend who will make you laugh and who is confident enough to shoulder you and your wedding day dread.

Step Three…Limit Your Drink


No-one likes the drunken wedding guest.  Staggering around the dance floor and sobbing into a piece of wedding cake while singing Celine Dion (because it was your song) is not a good look. Make sure you eat, stick with the same alcohol, and be sure to drink plenty of water.  The morning after will not be fun with a raging hangover.

Step Four….Avoid the question.


Chances are that someone is going to ask you about your love life?  Rather than spitting your cocktail at them, prepare a gracious response about your busy schedule.  Use real life examples.  Then (gracefully) try to change the subject.

Step Five…You’re going to be ok!


Guess what? Everyone has suffered a broken heart, most likely even the couple getting married.  Use this party as your springboard back into discovering the love, light and happiness. Because it is out there.  After all it’s a wedding! You never know who you might meet on the dance floor.