Reception – The Grandview
DJ- DJ Br Swatek, Spinning with Style
Photos- JC Lemon Photography
Flowers- Flowers by Nancy
Church- Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel, Poughkeepsie, NY


I knew Laura & Charles photos would be beautiful, because they are just beautiful people, but these photos are more than beautiful.  They are sweet, romantic, fun, and capture the spirit of this family so well.  Working with Laura, Charles and their families was such a pleasure.  We really got to know each other so well, even Grandma was part of the process.

They had a beautiful day on the Sunday of labor Day weekend.  They chose that day specifically because they wanted a wedding weekend celebration.

I had worked with two sets of their friends, the Valentini families, here at The Grandview, so I knew this was a partying crowd, but seeing all of these people laughing and dancing; celebrating the love of this couple.  Well, it’s like seeing the fruit of your labor.

Thanks JC Lemon Photography​ for posting these images, and to DJ Bri Swatek, Spinning with Style​ for sharing them (so I could find them).

Although it is bittersweet going through the planning, hosting the wedding, and then the couple cross the finish line of planning, I could not be happier for them.  I am sure we will celebrate again; next time with you as guests.

All my love,