Raise your hand if you have done a wedding floor plan? Now, raise your hand if you had difficulty putting family arrangements together? Exactly.

If you have worked on this challenging feat, you understand wedding politics. I wish it was just easier for couples to work this out, on their own, and have the guests bask in the happiness of the day. But it’s not that simple. If only the guests understood how hard their hosts worked on their floor plan. I work with couples every day, and the grief their family and friends give them about seating arrangements is just terrible.

“I had one wedding where the guests left half way through the wedding because they didn’t want to sit with the other people at their table. It was really sad,” reported one of our Grandview servers.

Think about this when you RSVP to a wedding, By checking the yes box, you are saying, “I am coming here today to celebrate your love, and this day is about you, not me.” When you resolve to have a great time, with no regard for your table number, I promise you, you will have a better time dancing, more time to drink and be merry, and enjoy the food and company a whole lot more.