Written by Tamara Longendyke, Sales Assistant, The Grandview

What do you want your guests to feel as they enter your reception space? Is it warm and intimate or dazzling and romantic?

The Grandview enhances experiences by always creating an enticing atmosphere for your guests. So what can we add to make it even more stunning?

The “Light Wall” is a unique enhancement to personalize your day.

We will create an extravagant display of dazzling lights as your stunning backdrop in the Grand Ballroom.

The Light Wall can be hung behind your head table or as a show stopping backdrop the lies behind the curtain by your dessert table.

Maybe you want to customize your space by adding unique signs, banners, or signature items within your wedding theme? Your florist can also add accents to reflect your style. Whether it may be pops of color or soft greens, floral designs will add to your vision.




Weddings are constantly evolving with our ideas that will give reception spaces a memorable ambiance. The Light Wall gives the Grand Ballroom a luxurious finish. White lights have a classic elegance that will give your wedding a timeless look.


Ask an associate for details by emailing sales@grandviewevents.com

Photography by Allan E Levine and Studio 1 Photography