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What a wonderful thing to think about when planning a special event, especially your Hudson Valley wedding.  When is sunset?  How will that affect my day?

There are great websites out there like that will give you the precise time on your specific date when the sun will set over the mountains in Poughkeepsie.  Planning photos, ceremony start times, and of course, that perfect sunset shot with the multicolored sky over the Mid-Hudson Bridge, are all great reasons to check.

Daytime weddings are such amazing events here at The Grandview because the Hudson River is not lit down river, after sunset.  Now, our glorious local bridge lights up in such gorgeous colors come nightfall, but the vastness of the Hudson can only be seen in daylight.  Saturday afternoons are a great option if you want to show your wedding guests one of the main reasons why you booked The Grandview; the view.

Whatever the date and time of your wedding, we throw a great party here at The Grandview.