reception end

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Kruck – May 2, 2015

Venue: The Grandview

Photographer: Vicki + Erik Photographers

DJ: Music Speaks Volumes


Beautiful words from an amazing couple. It was a pleasure working with you and once again congratulations from everyone here at The Grandview!


Hey Melissa!

This email is way overdue but I wanted to email you once we got our photos to share- I have attached way too many pictures here but it was so hard to choose which ones to send! I wanted to send them all your way to be honest because they came out so beautiful but what else would you expect at a place like The Grandview?!

From start to finish our wedding was perfect. We sure got lucky with the weather which is funny because when we booked in November of 2013, the only Saturday of May & June you guys had in the tent was May 2nd and I almost walked away, thinking it was too early and not “springy” enough… and I am SO glad I didn’t.

People are still complimenting us 2 months later on our wedding- our guests were impressed with the food and service at cocktail hour but knew there had to be some other reason we chose The Grandview and they weren’t sure what that way–until the partition opened and it was time for them to take their seats in the ballroom. Phil and I got to enjoy cocktail hour with our guests and I can still see their faces when they saw their view for the night, they were stunned!

Both of our families LOVED the wait staff you guys have- they were sweet and attentive and literally knew everyone’s names and drink orders by the end of the night.

Victor and Vanessa were amazing. It was like they could read my mind and were already there by my side with whatever I needed before I had to say a word-whether it was an extra drink or an extra bobbi pin.

We didn’t take time to sit and enjoy our wedding cake once we cut it and I was so happily surprised to see the next morning that aside from the top tier, they also gave us the cake slices that we left on our head table in little to go boxes- and it was probably the best cake I ever tasted! I can’t wait til 5/2/15 just to have it again, lol. I also don’t think there were any plates with food left over on them and everyone was raving about how delicious it all was.

All in all we really had the best night of our lives- marrying your best friend is an amazing once in a lifetime experience as it is but to be able to celebrate with our closest family and friends at such a wonderful place is the icing on the cake- you guys sure do know what you’re doing and I would recommend this place to anybody! We cannot thank you all enough for helping us make such beautiful memories!!! Enjoy the pics :)

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Kruck