As a couple, you will want to remember who celebrated your big day with you, and by the end of the night, the day may seem a bit blurry. Many couples like the idea of a guest book, as it captures your guests’ sentiments on the special day. You can look back and cherish those beautiful moments and details that you may have missed.
A traditional guest book can sometimes feel like a handful of signatures and half-hearted messages.  You will have most of those signatures in the cards you receive. As an interactive generation it may be fun to provide your guests with a chance to snap some photos, make a video, and/or follow a prompt. Add that extra element by giving your guests some inspiration and allowing them to express themselves. You are more likely to receive something really memorable in return!


Have guests snap some Polaroid’s and secure them with a nice message.
This visual guestbook will leave you with hilarious and candid memories that you will have forever.


Wedding Mad Libs can be a perfect way to fuel your guest’s creativity. It is a great activity to keep your guests entertained throughout the night and you laughing for the rest of your life.


A wishing tree can be a sentimental and beautiful gift from your guests. Ask them to write you a wish or greeting as you enter this new chapter of your life. This is a great DIY idea which can double as décor and add a little charm and enchantment.


Talk a walk down memory lane and asks guests to recall their favorite memory with you, as a piece of a puzzle. A real treasure!


Allow your guests to make a fun video! Who doesn’t love being in front of the camera?
On your anniversary you can watch the videos and be reminded of all those wonderful moments.

Can you think of other ways to remember your wedding?