When President Obama declared on June 26, 2015 that Love Wins….it really does!


Photographer: Té Caché Photography
Entertainment: APB Entertainment
Florist: Adams Faireacre Farms
Videography: MSV Entertainment

I had the amazing pleasure of meeting Miguel and Eric at one of our many food tastings. You could tell that they got it. A gentle touch, a welcoming glance…you could see the love abounding and winning from each other. Their energy and positivity about their special day was contagious.

The November reception was an exact extension of the twos personalities. A nest full of amazing guests and loved ones who were there for one reason and one reason only, love. We were all captivated by how much support surrounded them as they danced their first dance. Eric and Miguel danced the night away with their guests. We all hoped the night wouldn’t end. Thankfully our friends at TeCache Photography captured the magic we all experienced that evening. You can see from the genuine smiles on all that love definitely won that evening.


Mike Post


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